Living Donor Approved!

I wanted to share my awesome news with the group, we got the thumbs up from the docs for my cousin to be my living donor! I am overwhelmed with an array of emotions, overjoyed, nervous, scared, excited, thankful! You name it, I’m feeling it right now! We haven’t decided on when we will actually do the surgery, he is discussing things with his wife, they are expecting a baby at the end of November so that will play a factor as well as he will have to stay here locally for about a month after for his treatment, he is already making such a HUGE sacrifice so I want the timing to be best for them. That’s one of the pluses to live donor transplant, being able to schedule it. It’s never a “good” time to have a transplant but, this way we can prepare a little more. I will update along the way. Any advice on things I need to prepare for in all aspects, from the healing process to things to do to ensure this process is easier on my girls and those that will be helping care for them. I’m all over the place mentally. I’m continuing to pray that all of us receive the gift of a transplant, we all deserve it!

Wyldflower, that is wonderful news. I hope the surgery goes well for you both-both have a lot in store for the horizon.

As far as what to expect, there is a recent post on what to bring to the hospital and one on how to transplant-proof a home.

I think your emotions are quite normal; I'd be all over the place as well.


everything goes well for both of you. This should be your thought of on. This will be because we like much all the team members.

I'm happy for you. My sister donated to me - she's fine, proud, recognized regularly for her heroism, and with a regrown fully intact healthy liver. I have nothing but admiration for the humanity of your cousin. Tell him/her that its fairly certain all stuff in life that they ever did wrong or regret, are absolved. I got nothing for you though, your going to be fine.