Aloe Vera Juice

Does anyone drink aloe vera juice? -A

Thought this might be helpful on why not to;)

This article talks both sides…

I found a cpl more that say its too risky…my initial thought was for it to be helpful:/

I was told it was very good and quite a few different people recommended I give it to PrincessD for her Ulcerative Colitis. I gave it to her for more than a year, but I can't even remember why I stopped late last year when the bottle finished. I haven't started back giving it to her and after reading the article that was posted I don't know if I should. I can't actually tell you if it did help her or not, but I was/am willing to try anything.

PrincessD's Mum

Thank you both for the input. I want to try the natural remedies, a gut feeling tells me there is power behind them. Then fear kicks in warning to be careful for interactions with medications, paralyzing me from acting on a lot of what I research. I need to find a professional for direction on the matter.


The U.S. National Library of Medicine report was discouraging. Thank you though for sharing, MommyMoses. It's always good to check out the other side of the argument. I did find the report useful. I speak for myself, but I'm sure others can agree, we see something online, get excited and think 'this could be it' before checking out all the details. So, back to the drawing board. I swear, I could make a living doing all the research work I do if paid by the hour. ;)


Dear Gloria,

You should try natural remedies. I still believe in them. Is it just PSC you have? My daughter has PSC, UC and Kidney Disease. I met adults who had UC and Crohn's and swore by Aloe Vera and Chlorophyll. I decided to give my daughter it and as a result was taking it too. People recently told me the best I looked was when I was taking the ale vera and chlorophyll, so it made me think that it must have been helping her too.

I think there are so any foods that can help and harm us. Do your research and you will come across so many opinions.

It is hard because there are so many charlatans out there, but if you look long and hard enough, there are people that believe in what they are doing and actually help people.

Take care and do what you must.

PrincessD's Mum

Hi, PrincessD.

It's my fiance that has the conditions, PSC and UC, then there the other smaller conditions that come along, GERDS,Venous Statis, etc. I do in fact use a lot of 'healing foods' like juicing ginger, nettle leaf tea, kale juice, etc. It's when we get into actual remedies that he and I use caution. At one point he was taking milk thistle for a while, we saw no change and since then he has been on the fence about trying new things. Thank you for your reply.


is there any new -positive or negative- findings about aloe vera from then on?

Mommymoses said:

This article talks both sides.....

I found a cpl more that say its too initial thought was for it to be helpful:/