A presentation on the Liver and PSC. Check it out!


Thank you so much Stephen!!

Cheers--Cups up with the coffee!!!

That is an interesting presentation. I found it hard to know what to make of the slides on liver cleansers. It seemed to me that he was quoting the promotional material from these products, and then quoting their disclaimers -- "these statements haven't been approved by the FDA", but not making any of his own comments about their efficacy. Maybe that's his point, they make these broad claims about what their products do, but there's no science to back it up.

A very good article Stephen. The sections on how much alcohol intake is safe and the benefits of coffee were interesting, not least cos we often see those questions raised here.

I find the part about low alcohol consumption being safe is very broad. I would think this would vary quite a bit depending on the stage of PSC one is at and what degree of resulting liver damage is already present. Would probably be wise to avoid alcohol entirely in all but the early stages of the disease.

Hi Stephen

I know what you mean. I have to say that I am one that's sits on the border right now and believe the safety of alcohol consumption changes with the progression of the condition. As you mentioned Alix, the presentation is very broad on the topic.

If I take me as an example, I'm not a regular drinker, never have been. In fact I wouldn't even class myself as a moderate drinker.. more rare. I drink a few times a year, generally special occasions and usually just a glass or so. Since the diagnosis I have been even more conscious of drinking though so it's interesting to read about the studies behind it. Before I wouldn't have thought twice about going out on my once a year binge night... I wouldn't dream of it now. Soon I suspect, I probably won't even feel the need for even the one glass but right now I like the option :-)

Thank you so much for posting this! Being a "visual learner" it really helped put things in perspective. Perhaps I missed it somewhere, but since this seems to be part of an overall lecture, is there a recorded audio presentation? After reading the previous posts, I agree with their points and would love to be able to hear the actual lecture.

I miss enjoying delicious wines but less so as time goes on. I sometimes take a sip or two from my husband's wine glass and that's about it.