Drink and psc

Hi has anyone been told not to drink alcohol with this diease ? Was diagnosed 3 yrs ago symptom free now and I like a gin and tonic at the weekend but always feel guilty later.

I think it becomes an issue if you are waiting for a liver, and they are worried that you might be a less-than-ideal candidate. However, once weekly drinking still sounds like a lot to me. Maybe once every three months would be better or maybe having 1/4 of the amount might make you feel guilt-free. That's my two cents.

I think it becomes an issue when your liver starts to show some degree of fibrosis. Originally my consultant wasn't too worried about limited alcohol intake. I didn't drink that much any way, roughly 1 pint of beer per week. However, about 3 years ago I was told to stop drinking entirely. I understand when the liver has some degree of scarring alcohol consumption is discouraged as it can contribute to a quickening of the liver damage process.