Diet Suggestions/Restrictions for PSC

Newly diagnosed and wondering about things I should avoid eating or would be good for me to eat to help my condition?

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Hi Kellym
Most of what I’ve read says diet makes little difference.
My hepatologist feels that sugar puts too much stress on the liver (the same a alcohol) and recommended cutting out of my diet and limiting even fruit.
This has been hard for me - especially fruit, which I love for breakfast. I was strict for a while, then eased up on my sugar limitations to the point where I was eating sweets almost every day. My health became noticeably out of balance.
I’m going back to tighter restrictions on sugar.

Hey kelly
I would avoid fried food as much as possible. But just like the poster before me I was also told diet doesn’t really matter. You’re stomach might end up telling you what it doesn’t want to eat like mine does. It’s hard for me to eat fried food and other foods because the smell and taste makes me sick to my stomach. I haven’t been told anything on no sugar but I can see why that’s a thing. I’m on low sodium and that’s the only major diet restriction my specialist has me doing. Hope this helps!

I was on a ketogenic diet (high fat, very low carb) when I was diagnosed in May. I’m still on it with no issues.

Mainly I have been low sodium meaning for me around 2000mg per day . Which means mainly whole foods little to no processed foods.

The only thing I really changed was no alcohol, which was not a loss.

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Hi Kellym, I have found for me at least it is really hit or miss. I find sometimes I will not be able to eat or drink specific things so I avoid them for a while and then I find I can have small amounts of them months later. Listen to your body it will tell you what to avoid.

Hi anne1 - I am thinking about trying keto but had reservations because some say it’s hard on your liver. But my BIL was just telling me it has helped with his Autoimmune disorder (his is not liver related) because it has reduced his inflammation and he was able to get off his high blood pressure meds (which I am also on). Has it had any affect on your blood tests?

I have been advised by dietitian to try an autoimmune diet (dairy free, gluten free). I’m eating no processed foods, healthy fats, and low sugar. I’ve had good results so far with my other autoimmune conditions. My ulcerative colitis is in remission and I’ve had to cut my hypothyroidism meds in half. Hoping it will have positive effects on my PSC as well.

Kelly, I am glad you’re getting good results.