Cleanse/Herb Recommendations

Ok, since I hate taking prescribed medications, I'm looking at doing a cleanse and then something for daily maintenance of my liver & colon. I have had luck in the past maintaining my illnesses with natural remedies but I haven't taken anything that is specific to these diseases.

1) Has anyone else tried natural remedies vs. medicinal?

2) If so, what have you tried and did you have any success?

I've done the Mega Intense Cleanse w/ milk thistle supplements and it helped bring my liver enzymes down, but it is still around 12 pills a day?

I don't do cleanses, I just stay on a low sodium, low fat, no caffeine diet. Very similar to Cathroy's diet. It seems to work really well for me, but if I stray I know about it. Ursodiol is working well for me at the moment even though I'm on a double dose.

I haven't but as you read, I am not a big fan of taking medications. I've been doing Ursodiol, Dandelion & Milk Thistle and have been on for a few weeks now. So far I have not had any itching. As before with the Ursodial when 12 hours past the medication dose is coming to its end, I tend to get a sharp cramp in my liver until I take my next dose. I continued having these cramps for about a week with the supplements and now they seem to have calmed down. I'm not really sure I have the will power to go without my Dr. Pepper or Coffee but I don't have that much.

I thought I also read that Coffee was good for your liver???

Just a caution about urso -- I had a bad feeling about it so I stopped taking it a few years ago ... a year later my doctor told me it was a good thing I did. There was a study done of 150 people with PSC. 75 were given urso, 75 were given a placebo. The 75 who took urso had a higher rate of needing a liver transplant sooner. It actually caused more damage. It made blood work look good but overall isn't a good medication. You may want to check with your doctor.

Stacy: thanks for sharing your experience with the urso. We have an appt next month, definitely asking some questions about urso being right for us.

This is worth a read for anyone considering cleanses:

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Hey do you have anymore details about that study? I’ve read several studies about Urso not showing any delay in progression of the disease compared to placebo groups but nothing about the disease progressing quicker in the urso group. I’d love to read into it but I can’t seem to find anything online