Wondering if any of you have heard of frankincense in helping with liver protection and anti-inflammatory properties? I received frankincense for Christmas from my sis-in-law who is a registered dietician. She looked up information on it and it has been found to help relieve inflammation in liver, arthritic, and GI disorders. I know many modern MD's do not believe in eastern medicine, I was just wondering if anyone here has had any use from it. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! Thanks and God Bless!

Hi, husk78er,

My hepatologist at Mayo cautioned me about the use of nutriceuticals or other home remedies for PSC. He said they complicate an already complex picture. He also said that he has seen a number of people get worse after starting nutriceuticals. All three of my hepatologists have been against any liver cleansing routines. I have no specific information about frankincense, but many of us with this disease could use it to freshen the air a little. :-)

Thanks EAD3! I was cautioned as well. I thought I'd ask and see if anyone "dared" to go against modern medicine. I'm an RN and have been Anti-Eastern medicine my entire professional career. However, I have seen a number of cases with cancer that were "miracuously" cured by changing diet and herbals. The liver is a complex organ. It's our filter. I'm finding it to be extremely difficult to do things the au naturale way. Out of curiousity, who did you see at Mayo? I went to Andrea Gossard, NP who practices alongside Dr J Talkwalker. I was very impressed and have started on Urso since.

Thanks for your insight and best of luck!

I was also very impressed. They have their act together at Mayo. Talkwalker was the one that was recommended but the wait to see him was very long. I saw Dr. Pita de Groen instead and couldn't be happier with my care there.

I have been on Urso for about 2&1/2 months with better lab numbers and stabilization of symptoms.

Stay healthy!


Very interesting! I wanted to buy a frankincense candle as it reminded me of my grandfather’s Catholic Church in MX. I held the candle in the store for 15 minutes before putting it back (hmm, thinking back now after reading this post, was that a sign to buy or not to buy!?) Husk78er please share if you chose to use your gift. Thanks for the discussion post.