A mad sister-in-law

This past Sunday, when the family was together for Father's Day, my nephew said that he was thinking of getting a motorcycle. I asked him if I could have his liver.

His mom was not too pleased with me.

Bahahahahahaha! That is great! I would have thought the same thing but never dared to say it.

Good for you! Hopefully it made him think a little bit! Your sister-in-law sounds like my sister, no sense of humor :)

That is sooo funny

Ha! My husband has joked about getting a motorcycle over the years and I teased him that he needed a lot more life insurance before he was allowed to get one- it has always been a joke here! Lol

They don’t call them donor-cycles for nothing! :slight_smile:


Funny to us, yes (Thanks for the laugh.) but I could definitely see why your sister-in-law would be rubbed wrong. Kudos to you for speaking up though. Cheers.

ahahaha.... good for you! That is classic!

Nice touch - love it! (Your sister-in-law should actually be thanking you for the input!)