To add another issue

Hey everybody,

Well...on top of riding on a roller coaster with PSC, my husband is now recovering from a 4-wheeler accident. This occurred on Monday-was talking on the phone with my MIL when my cell phone rings-my husband-he tells me his dad is taking him to the hospital because he "tipped over" the 4-wheeler and hurt his shoulder. So I of course am a little freaked out, but don't realize how bad it is until I get to the hospital. Major laceration to his head-took 6 staples and a broken clavicle-right next to the shoulder. Well...within the next couple of days we are scheduled for surgery for the fracture, then we're not because he is too high risk. I guess we are on another roller coaster ride. It has NOT been a good summer!


Argh! When it rains it pours. So sorry, Lisa.

Amen Stephen and fleur54. The nice thing is we get to spend a lot of time together during a time when I never see my husband (harvest)! :)

Sounds like your husband is very active. Why did the doctors say he is too high risk?