Some Administrative Stuff (plus my large spleen)

Hi Everybody,

Sorry its been a little while. I was incommunicado the last few weeks - my wife and I bought our first house and it sucked up alot of my time.

But welcome to all the new members and thanks for keeping the conversation going!

So a couple of things:

1) Apologies for all the WoW posts - i deleted them all and am trying to figure out what the heck happened.

2) Looking for suggestions on how we can make the site better. Any ideas? Weekly posts? Topics? What can we do to make this more useful?

3) Auto following - so the toughest thing I deal with about livingwithpsc is that I'm facebook trained. I'm so used to being emailed whenever something updates, that I forget to check. Would you guys want to receive automatic emails when there is a new blogpost or some such?

4) Non administrative - my spleen is still enlarged. I'm not a big dude, and it presses against my ribcage. Causes a good amount of pain. The docs tried steroids but they didn't really do much. Any ideas besides pain meds? Anyone else ever deal with this.