Women - quitting alcohol advice

Hi ladies.

I wanted to drop a message on here to help anyone who is trying to quit drinking and is struggling to stick to it.

I’m 29 years old and have quit drinking for my psc. I’ve always been a fun life and soul of the party so quitting drinking was a big change but it also needed to happen for my health and my sanity. my hangovers were getting unbearable and I was drinking tequila or brown liquor since I moved to the US (I don’t even like it).

I found a book called

Quit like a woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol

Book by Holly Whitaker

It’s probably the most profound book I’ve ever read and I strongly recommend reading it as I literally don’t think about alcohol yet it’s only been a few months since I quit. It focuses on as women how the patriarchy keeps us down as well as Aa which was specially designed for me in the early 1900s. while a lot of us don’t have drinking problems we still want to quit for our health so it really really helps to read this book.

I also follow celebrities that don’t drink- alot of celebrities don’t drink these days and chose not to just for health reasons. So if you need inspiration Google Jennifer Lopez drinking. There’s of course those who have had addiction but many celebs just chose a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, alcohol increases your risk of 7 different cancers, including liver. We are much likely to live longer and better those of us with PSC if we don’t drink. So please do some research and don’t ignore the massive impact alcohol can have on making you sick.

And if you do have the occasional wine - no judgement, just don’t fall in to the habit of always drinking. I say special occasions only and it has to be REALLY special.

Hope this helps :smiley: