Hi All
Feel a little new to all this. How are you all coping with the crohns /colitis and PSC? Am finding it all overwhelming really. I’m generally in good health but energy levels gave really dropped. Did you change your diet Anna? My doc told me there was no point changing a thing ( to take calcium, vitamins A D E K). When I asked about alcohol ( would only drink a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend) he said that the amount I drink 'wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference '. Can you offer any advice here pls? Would love to at least feel as if I was helping myself in any way I can. Have 4 small children so really need all my energy for them.

Personally, I agree with doc.
I started to use high quality probiotics (vsl3) together with blueberries. Diarrhea type of problems are gone. I also feel better and more energetic though I suppose that is likely unrelated. I try to be positive, enjoy small things (like coffee and cookies). I don’t drink but i would be fine having glass of wine on the weekend…

Hi Jenny,

Welcome although I am sorry we have to meet this way:)

I was diagnosed with UC about 19 years ago. After three years struggling with it and taking Asacol I decided to change my diet and make other lifestyle changes. I quit drinking alcohol completely, cut out most gluten and processed foods. I started exercising and doing yoga. Within a year I was off the medication and I haven't had a flare up in 15 years. I understand that this may be coincidence and that it may not work for everyone but I do believe it helped me.

Now with the PSC diagnosis, I have cut out sugar, still no alcohol, gluten and processed foods. I feel better when I eat lots of fruit, vegetables and protein (not red meat). I do love coffee and tea and I allow myself honey. I try to walk every day.

Good luck and take care!