Turning Colors

So, how do you handle when/if your skin and eyes turn yellow? I have read about folks feeling like others assume you have a drug and or drinking problem, had unprotected sex that lead to hepatitis and who knows what else.... My partner says he is going to isolate himself when he turns colors. Yikes. I can understand, but it seems another part of the disease that sucks big time.Just how might you handle feeling freakish in public because of the dreaded yellow? Any thoughts?

I tell people that I am trying to turn Japanese. I have also told people that I look good in yellow.

I have had many stares, the worst by an African woman who actually turned and kept staring in Target.....yes I was upset also being quite thin, this understandable, however I find quite upsetting.

My skin is not yellow at this time. I suppose if it's possible, you can try to make a joke:

"It's better to have a problem with your liver than with your lover."

"I haven't got all my bile ducts in a row."