Cholangitis and my eyes

I’m very thankful not to have suffered any visible jaundice in my “early-stage” PSC. But a couple of weeks ago, while sitting on the couch talking, my husband mentioned that my eyes looked strange. I felt fine, and thought he was being overly concerned. Three hours later I felt chilly, then began to shiver uncontrollably, then started to spike a fever…you know the drill.
He’s asked me to post this, asking if others have noticed changes in their eyes before a cholangitis attack. Not a yellow cast, but a dullness, a “deadening”…cloudy and glazed.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Thanks for everyone’s support!

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Hi. What you described is a classic Cholongitis attack. If you fever goes over 101.5 you need to go to the ER and be placed on antibiotics. My hepatologist always gave me a prescription of Cipro that I filled and kept by my bedside in the event of an attack.
What he saw in your eyes was probably jaundice signs due to elevated bilirubin levels. I would encourage you to go and get some LFT labs as soon as possible. Take care!


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Thanks for the quick reply, Mark! - yes, definitely a cholangitis attack; this was my fist in 6 months. Interestingly, I had my labs drawn on the same day as this last attack (the blood was drawn in the morning, the attack was later that night.) As usual in most of my tests, my bilirubin levels have been within normal, and my LFT labs have lowered considerably since I started taking Ursodiol about 7 months ago. I do have a prescription (levofloxacin) and it works well. So far I’ve had no jaundice. My husband sees something else in my eyes, apparently, and he wondered if anyone else has had this experience. He knew I was sick a few hours before I did!

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Sarah, I had several cholangitis attacks, and none were completely similar. My first one took several months to build up. During this time, my wife said my breath was horrible.

One took an afternoon to develop, and one, like yours, occurred in the span of two hours.

But nothing I noticed and nothing my wife said about my eyes were abnormal (for pscers)

Nothing to add other than your husband is a very observant person… not just visually but on a much deeper level with you and your well being. Keep that one close and so glad you mentioned this - a first I’ve heard of such a thing too - but eyes are our windows to our souls.

Blessings to your Man and You!
Hope this finds you doing much better.

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Thank you so much! He is a fine caretaker, that’s for sure.
Blessings to you too, Jennifer!