Hair loss? and yellow eyes?

Has anyone else experienced hair loss? Mine is falling out so easily and it's freaking me out.

Also, I was hospitalized almost 2 months ago with jaundice (I was very yellow) and this is when I was diagnosed.. well I'm still pretty yellow and my eyes look no better at all. When can I expect this to correct? I really hope it won't stay like this forever. :-/

My hair has thinned out and takes forever to grow but no yellowing…

Thank you for posting this. I did not realise hairloss could be a side effect of this illness. It is one of the reasons I do like coming on here as I learn so much.

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time. Just be strong. I know someone on here may be able to offer some advice.

PrincessD's Mum

Hi Amanda
I have experienced extreme hair loss three times, each time was about 2 to 3 months after a major surgery and then the septic shock this year. Each started about 2 months after I got out of hospital.
Some people said it was the meds, other said it was the hair shutting down as the body’s energy goes into survival mode and decides hair is not that important.

Yes, it does grow back later. After the transplant, I lost almost all my straight hair and it has grown back in thick ringlets…?

As for the yellow eyes, it is the bilirubin being elevated that causes this. My friends started a rating scale 1 to 10 as to how yellow they were! They seem to fluctuate between 3 and 5 but some days up to 9 or 10 until after the transplant. My theme songs became ‘mellow Yellow’ and ‘Yellow’ by Cold Play.

I hope you are in touch with a transplant team to watch your numbers. They didn’t correlate well with how I was feeling. Some days when I was most yellow, I actually felt not so bad.

What a wild journey PSC is!

My hair also seemed to be thinning out after the transplant I believe due to the prednisone. I take biotin every day and my hair pretty much has returned to normal. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Like others have said I did not know hair loss could be a side effect. Interesting-have not heard that one yet. Thank you for sharing. About 5 weeks ago my husband's skin and eyes turned very yellow. His was caused by a narrowing of the main bile duct outside of the liver. A stent was placed and within a couple of weeks the yellow discoloration was much improved. Now there is no yellowing of the skin and just a hint in the eyes-which I have seen for quite awhile. So hopefully yours will improve soon. Good luck!