SS Disability

Has anyone gone though an application process for SS Disability with PSC? It looks to me like you need to be very ill (high meld score and on a transplant waiting list) before you can be granted disability.

I live in canada and have private Manulife disability and i have also been approved for canada pension plan disability,, am in stage 4 of psc i worried weather they would approve me,,but all the facts are in my many doctors records,,only a few questions were asked ,,i feel blessed that it all worked out ,,,i am not on a transplant list but we are still waiting weather on list or not,,,push it hard,,, you may want to call a lawyer i did i got 30 minutes of free advise and had all my question written down before i called him,,push your Doctor too all the best

My understanding was a doctor’s note with his/her support would be sufficient. Can anyone shed light on the general process of the disability claim. Thanks!

We all need to recognize that not all "disabilities" are purely physical ....there is a huge mental health problem in our countries as well, and these can be valid work disabilities as well. Assume that the person is a lawyer or a doctor and begins to have mental health problems ...whether early Alzheimer's or serious (suicidal) depression, etc. and they can no longer practice their profession. Perhaps they could still play golf or other physical activities ....which most mental health care providers would encourage for helping with depression, etc. So some of these "disabilities" are not necessarily silly. In fact, neither SSI nor most insurers would pay out for anything that wasn't thoroughly documented by several health care providers.

Even with PSCers, "brain fog" can be a huge obstacle for continuing to work ....if that person's job is a highly complex, technical type of profession.

Cat Flower --

"Ss disability is not a simple process and lawyers cost money... a lot..."

We would not be able to afford a lawyer if we had to pay out of pocket. However, the lawyer I am working with says that there are strict rules in the US about how and what a lawyer can charge. They are only allowed to charge a percentage (25%?) of the one-time lump payment they make for back payment, if you win. They aren't allowed to charge anything if you don't win disability. I encourage you to look into it.