Applying for CPP long term disability in Canada due to PSC

Hi, I'm wondering in anyone has advice or experience with applying for CPP long term disability in Canada due to PSC?

I'm not sure that this is for me but I like to learn more about it, ie. the stuff government websites don't tall you,


Jules - in Ontario Canada

Hi Jules,

Wow, what a coincidence! I also live in Ontario (Guelph) and currently seeking information regarding cpp disability. I’ve reached out with a transplant surviver which also was a coincidence that this individual lives in Guelph and was a childhood friend of a family member of mine (20 years older)and also had Psc. Regardless if it pertains to yourself, it’s always good to know the facts. I’m meeting with him next week, and will be taking notes. I’ll reach out to you with any valuable information I can find.


Hi Jules

Check out Also about Ontario and other province’s resources.
The website is being rebuilt on another server as this format could not handle big numbers of users. Also, it is changing to a free model for everything.

Your numbers (from your other post), are approaching where mine were when I got a transplant. I had bleeding varices as well which seemed to clinch getting CPP-D.

Fill out the forms with your worst information and reflect your worst day.
If you are turned down, appeal. I have heard they are rejecting almost everyone the first attempt as a cost saving measure. Grrrr!

If you are not successful, I suggest that you find out about loop holes in getting provincial disability before spending your money. In BC you can put assets in trust to qualify for provincial disability.

Also apply to get ‘emergency’ low income medical insurance benefits for Ontario. The Premium level is otherwise based on your tax return from as long as 2 years ago! It will help pay for many other medical expenses.

I did not take advantage of all the financial options at first and was caught without enough money on hand for all the transplant costs.
I am trying to help others not make the same mistakes…

hope this helps

I have applied and was approved very quickly mind you i was already approved by my private Manulife insurance they asked me to apply for CPP Disabiltiy and i got approved in 3 months i am in stage 4 and the doctors have all the prove, and told me to go on disability if you work it may be time for you to quit and look after yourself without the added stress of work,if you have children under 18 they provide a child support for each the paper work is a bit much so you may want to get someone to help you but worth it and sign up for direct deposit way quicker then waiting for cheque through mail ,,,talkt to all your doctors so they so know what you are doing and are prepared there will be a charge from the doctor to fill out papers but you make cpp pay for it I wish you only the best and prey that they give you what you need its not a lot of money depending on your situation but it is something and you can access some discounts i believe you have access to very inexpensive yearly fishing licience ,,,talk to your local social worker about more discounts you may find the right social worker at your local hospital thats how i found mind they help with some counselling

Thank you all for the information, this is helpful!

I have to admit when i hear and see other counties lack of care for their citizens i feel very blessed i live in Canada ,,we do have many systems in place to help people,,,,but they do need to increase the amounts paid out as it is extremely hard to live on and we need a tonne more low income housing other then that we do pretty well here,,,