Disability Income

Hi guys. I know I have not been on in a while. I have been sick and too tired to do anything. I actually got a stent in place 5/8/14 hoping that this may help.
I do have a question for everyone...
Have any of you applied for SSDI and been approved? I am trying to go back to work and I am just not being able to do what they want from me. I have dropped in hours and even tried to get them to not have me do too much to exhaust me. (My work has not been too great with me when I was sick before the stent placement. I am thinking of talking to my GI doctor and seeing what he thinks I can do.

My doctor said today I could apply. He is more than willing to sign any paperwork I have. So now I just have to get the forms. Thanks for the input detmsh. :)

"Wonderful World"....I like you....your funny....rofl