Update on me

I am just posting an update of myself for everyone.
I have not been online much due to not feeling the greatest. (You all know how that goes)

Last month, I just started getting sick with throwing up everything I would eat or drink. I got to the point where I was not eating for days....even went to my sister-in-law's bachlorette party and barely touching any food. (We even went out to eat....well they ate and I just slowly sipped a pepsi)

I ended up going to the ER for a day feeling like I was going to pass out and was very warm. (Threw up there too...of course) My GI doctor's office called me and talked to me. Told me to come in and have more blood drawn. Sure enough, my Alk Phos was going up along with my ALT and AST. Just great. :(
My doctor talked to me about what he could do for now. Talked about a stent placement again. Found out that the main stricture in my liver was blocked again. So, went back in for the stent placement. He cleaned out the stricture and placed the stent. I thought it was funny....The nurse put the IV in the back of my right hand and found out she did not get the vein. So take it out and start again. *JOY....not* This time I bled all over the place. Goes to show her that she should have gotten it the first time. lol.

Now I have the stent in place and I am able to eat food and drink again. I did find out I don't like soda pop anymore (I really did not drink that much to begin with). I just don't like the taste of it. So I am more drinking juice and water stuff now.

And as June is heading upon us, I get to go the the transplant doctor and talk about my options of what to do. My GI doc said I am getting worse. I just don't know what to do other than just go day by day. *sighs*

So far, that is my sad story. I am hoping for some good news soon.

Good luck to everyone!

Kathy, going day to day is a wonderful philosophy. Not easy to do some days, but being flexible, knowing that anything can happen at any time helps to prepare you for what does happen.

I hope you get good news next month.

I asked my GI doc about vitamins and such. You know what he told me? He just sat there and shook his head no. lol He said to me that in my case it won't do too much. And taking anything may make me feel a bit worse. He laughed and said I could take children's vitamins but that is like eating candy. lol I remember loving the Flinstone's vitamins as a kid. I always wanted to eat Dino...lol

I kind of want to try juicing. But until I decide to pay to get the machine, I am going to go nuts in the juice section and frozen juice section buying stuff. My husband wishes he could stop drinking all the colas and mountain dew...but it's not happening. Nice thing is that I don't even get the caffeine headaches. I gradually decreased my intake of this stuff until there was nothing left. I may have a cup of coffee now and then but that is it for caffeine related stuff. I really love the flavored water stuff.

Stephen Cox said:

Oh Katsy,

I hate reading this . You have such a wonderful attitude Katsy. It is inspiring. You are in that zone where you might be getting worse, get listed on the transplant list and then wait. Have you given any thought to a live donor ? If you need more information , let me know and I can send it to you.

I have found drinking anything carbonated difficult to digest. Coke, Pepsi, you might want to stay away from this type of beverage. Water with some quality fruit juice added is a great drink. Avoid any and all alcohol. I am sure you know this. Have you tried juicing ? It can be a great way to deliver nutrients that your body needs. Have you had your vitamin D checked ?

I apologize if you know all this.

I am sending you positive vibes and anything else that might help. Please keep us up to date.