Sheep or goat dairy

Hi all. I know a lot of people here abstain from cow daory. Has anyone tried sheep or goat, fro. What I read it breaks down different

Is skim milk bad for us? Thats what I’ve ben drinking.

Not necessarily. But you do need good amounts of protein with PSC to keep up your proper nutrition, etc. Daily exercise about 30 minutes of walking or something you like to maintain core strength. If/when you need a transplant, the healthier you are overall the better your recovery will be.



Thanks to you and Jeff for always answering everyone’s replies. You guys are awesome!

All dairy seems to bother my colitis.

I’m on almond water. I can lose some weight so this is a good thing.


I have used soy milk-vanilla, with no problems. That is the first I have heard of almond water. How is it?