The specific carbohydrate diet and Silybum marianum (milk thistle)

The SCD is really a miracle for my mom.her UC is gone and there are no symptoms.It is also good for PSC as it is gluten free.with milk thistle supplement her LFTs normalized.she never had any symptoms for PSC and still doesn’t.Please try this if you are suffering from UC and PSC.HOPE THIS HELPS YOU,ANY COMMENTS ABOUT THIS WOULD BE GREAT :smiley:


I take milk thisle and my liver enzymes normalized too. My body not tolerate UDCA wery well. About diet i dont know nothing:) best to you and mom.


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Elina, it is so interesting that you posted about milk thistle since I was researching that yesterday and was going to talk to the doctor about that. What kind did you buy? Is there a specific brand name? It is supposed to be mildly laxative? Did your mom do ok with that? Look forward to your feedback. Thanks so much for the post.

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Hi be positive:
The brand name is LIVERGOL 140 mg (three times a day)but it’s made in our country and it may not be available in USA.(as i hate my country i don’t even like to tell it’s can see it on my page.)and yeah it supposed to be some laxative but my mom does ok with it with no diarrhea problems.and thank you for your reply.if you had any other questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

We tried milk thistle, for two months or so and we did not see changes in blood work. Have to try again, maybe we were not reading the reports correctly. When I pick up a bottle I will share the brand. I'm in the US.

I I have decided to go to a naturopath to seek advice and she would like me to take milk thistle, Genestra brand,400mg 3 times a day.
This topic has not been brought up for a few years on this site. Any more feedback would be appreciated.

Hi Elina, I haven’t heard much about the SCD diet for PSC. Is this the diet to try to follow? We go to our Liver Dr. tomorrow, I will ask about the milk thistle for a supplement too and see what they say.

Oops I just noticed I replied to an old post.

Hi Maria, my question is not an old post, however the previous topic was. Let me know what your dr. Says about milk thistle.
My diet I was advised to follow is all about reducing inflammation and bringing optimum gut health.

Hi Ali. No special diet and no recommendation for a supplement. It was a
hard appt. We need to go again for another mri and blood work for tumor

Sorry to hear about your difficult appointment. Hope further diagnosis is negative… I have not checked in for awhile.

I see my internist soon. Most of my liver enzymes normalized after taking milk thistle and an anti inflammatory diet thru my naturopath.

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been thinking about having him try the
milk thistle to. In Feb for the 1st time his alpha number stayed just under
800. And all his other numbers have stayed the same so at least even though
they are high they have stabilized.

Mayo clinic rated Milk Thistle a B for liver scarring but had no PSC specific information.


Hello Elina, I was hoping to know if your mother has continued to benefit from milk thistle. My 3 year old has had metabolism issues since coming off flagyl for another problem. Due to the corona situation we are still not comfortable in getting her bloodwork done at the clinics yet. I realized it shouldn’t hurt to take a supplement in the meanwhile. We can get in touch with a naturopath over the phone for dosing. Thank you

Hi Gloria,

Has milk thistle been working for you?

Hello kng,

Honestly, I can’t say that we saw a huge improvement due to specifically using from the milk thistle but we did have a pretty long run before transplant and I would like to think it’s due to all the healthy eating and supplements.
I’m also in the US, near San Francisco. I hope you’re safe and not affected by COVID or fire.

Virtual Hugs,