Night Sweats/Gas?

About once a month or more I wake up with night sweats. Never have a temp with it or anything. I am just wondering if anyone else has this and why? Also, I have terrible gas issues (bloating, belching, and the other), but no bleeding with stools or anything like that. I haven't been diagnosed with IBD; but I have a colonoscopy coming up. Is gas issues something anyone else with PSC or IBD gets often?

IBD, definitely. PSC, not sure.

Night sweats not sure, but do mention to your dr. Belching can be involved with PSC. For me, it's just belching without a particular feeling of bloatedness, seems to come out of nowhere and often in and around time of cholangitis flare-up. Asked dr about it who said anything connected to small bowel can cause it. Belching similarly a symptom of gallbladder problems - do you still have yours?

I also have eosinophilic colitis and PSC too and I get both gas and night sweats I guess it has something to do with IBD. You will get used to it the worst is bloating it messes my appetite too.

i am going thru these issues too,,gas is food related for me and the night sweats may be related to your thyroid Doctor told me that this disease can screw up you thyroid ,,i got mine checked and take the smallest dosage of synthroid and it helped a lot ,,,,but i still heat up now and then at night,,hope this helps certainly worth mentioning to your Doctor,,good luck

We were prescribed simethicone (ingredient in gas X) as needed. It works. Typically at night you’ll run hotter as your body is trying to work at “fixing you”. He usually doesn’t sweat, but his skin is super hot to the touch. I would definitely tell your doctor about the night sweats. Keep us posted. Take care.