PSC Inquiry

It has been a while since my last entry but I am wondering if anyone has experienced the following. I have lost almost 30 pounds since the summer. I have been experiencing night sweats and fever with chills. My GI express concern and ran a battery of test including tumor markers and Bilirubin along with the standard liver functions which have all come back normal with the exception of the alkaline(515), ACT(59) and AST(58) which were high. I then had another MRCP done which showed no issues with the ducts. After all of this, I am still having night sweats even though there are not as bad as they previously were along with the fever and chills. I am experiencing itching episodes where I have to take Hydroxyzine which helps but it does make me drowsy so I have to be careful when I take it especially during the work week. I thought for sure that things had taken a turn for the worse with regards to my PSC but all the test show that it hasn't. So why am I still experiencing what I am. If anyone has had or is having a similar experience, I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

I am getting the fever feel and the chills at night. (This is before I was diagnosed with PSC) So far, with going to a ER type of place (for itching) I got 50 mg Hydroxyzine. All I did was sleep with that. Then in turn she made me an appointment for a Dermatologist who gave me 10 mg Hydroxyzine. That did not see to work at all. I kept having to take 2 for some relief. Then on a follow-up for my gall bladder removal. That doctor had no idea what was going on. I was covered in hives from neck to feet and spreading into spots that had no hives. I got Prednisone and another script for Hydroxyzine 25 mg. This seems to help a bit. I am heading down to the transplant team to get associated with them on 9/2 (I don't need this yet, but they are more appropriate to deal with me now), I will ask them about this and see what they say and get back to you.

Thanks Katsy!

10/2/13 I am going. I just realized that I typed it in wrong...rofl

I have same thing, for three years now off and on. Two theories from my Dr's at my liver transplant hospital are acute inflamation of the gallbladder or liver due to diet, i.e. too much fat, bile ducts get flooded with bile and inflammatory response occurs. I have personally noticed that whenever someone in my family gets the flu, I end up not getting any of their symptoms, but get abdominal pain, fever, chills and sweating, kind of like my immune system kicked into gear and fought off the illness, but also inflamed my liver. Not sure if that make any sense.

I have had similar episodes but mine have been accompanied by some serious right abdo pain (which has sent me to the ED) my gastro/hepto team have addressed it as small duct bacterial infection and treated me with long term oral antibiotic (6 weeks of cipro) which to be honest I’m not sure helped and I think the cipro made me feel worse. I kinda associate the pain with eating, especially anything with flavour or notable fat content (my gallbladder was removed years ago) saw me drop a fair bit of weight too.
Te fever and chills would go somewhere to indicating infection I’d think. Did they do a blood culture or white cell count for you?
All the best, hope they get you sorted :slight_smile:

I lost about 60 (180 to 120) pounds over two years. Contrary to normal thinking, fatty foods actually accelerate the weight loss by running through the digestive system too quickly. Pancreatic digestive enzymes (Zenpep, Pancrease, etc.) can be taken by mouth to reduce the speed and enhance the digestion of the fats. Coconut oil has a more digestible fat and it can be used just like butter. I have gained weight on this regimen. Please check it out with your hepatologist.