Attacks? PSC or something else?

Attacks of pain in lower abdomen followed by severe gas, bloating and stomach cramps. Anyone have this with Psc? I have had this several times in the past.

Happens quite often in my fiance. He was given a prescription for Gas X. During a hospital stay he was prescribed it daily. We thought it ridiculous, it HAD to be something more serious, we searched for more clues to channel into what was going on but we found none. He uses the Gas X when he feels pressure and bloating, 99.9% of the time it works. Stay on top of your labs though. God bless.

Thanks Gloria and Stephen

It seems can start a few hours after eating but goes on all night and all the next day where I can only eat small amounts and usually fluid until it settles again. Sometimes it takes two or three days. The cramps have stopped but the pain in my lower belly continues so I am wondering if it is pouchititis this time. I am supposed to leave on a trip to Saskatchewan to my mom's funeral shortly but I do have a prescription of antibiotic in case I need it and will take it with me.

Buttercup keep a log of your diet for one month. Track when you are having these pains. You may find some foods are irritating your body. I did this for a few weeks and found patterns. It is annoying to put time aside for the task but it may be extremely beneficial. In addition, I found as I was logging meals I began cooking a bit more healthier too, adding little pops of new ingredients to the meals for added vitamins knowing that I would potentially show this log to our nutritionist if needed.

God willing you will not need those antibiotics while away. I am sorry to hear you lost your mother. There was post someone created not too long ago about stress in correlation with flare ups. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

hi buttercup

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make sure your bowels are not impacked I ended up in ER one night wlth extreme pain and found out my colon was impackted and had to get a enema,,i took a liquid laxative for at least a week or more to get back to some kinda normal they x rayed me to find the problem quite common in psc patients ,,,,wasn't nice but i sure felt better later ,,,,we must keep in mind that our bowel movements are very important to watch,,, it says alot about whats going on in side us,,,

My husband had very similar symptoms after he had an ERCP and a stent placed. These symptoms lasted about 3 days and slowly went away. The pain was even slower to go away. He had a CT scan done a week later which showed he had a touch of pancreatitis. So something to think about. Might be worth mentioning, especially if the gasx doesn't work. Good luck!!


Garlic can do this to me, especially if it isn't cooked enough. Strangely enough, garlic powder is okay. Is this a possible trigger for you?

Thanks everyone. That problem resolved on it's own. Now I am struggling with something going on with my J pouch.

Thanks for the update, Buttercup.