Bloating, Swelling, Protruding Bellies- Oh My!

Hello All.

We have run into a new symptom... bloating of the belly. There has always been some swelling here and there but now an days my fiance's belly is beginning to worry us. His belly button pops out every day now. Our Hepa doctor told us in January that there was some technical name for this, giving us the root of the issue. At that time his belly button would pop out occasionally, we actually found it funny. A little turtle head pushed out and then it was easily pushed right back in. Nothing too frightening. Ignorantly I didn't take detailed notes on the issue because it did not look concerning. (Now I record our visits to avoid misinterpreting or forgetting information.) We have an appointment at the end of the month, a 3 month review with our Hepa doctor. I do like to go with an outline of questions to ask him. Prior to visits I study hard to see if our doctor is on point. Does anyone have experience with this issue in conjunction with PSC or UC? What have you done to mediate the issue and what sorts of questions should I present to our doctor? THANK YOU in advance, as usual, for the useful information you all share so freely.


My husband has ascites (belly bloat) that is resistant to the diuretics he takes. It has caused a hernia and is one of the worst symptoms he has with PSC. At this point the doctors don't want to operate on his hernia because of how bad the liver function is.

My daughter has been fighting many symptoms for years. Just recently she has been diagnosed with PSC and Crohn's. She has had bloating which I think is more to do with what she eats. Has your fiancee tracked is diet? Foods play such a major role in all of this.

My stomach gets VERY distended all the time to the point where I look VERY pregnant. It is not ascites with me and they really don't know the cause. Was being treated with all sorts of meds for several years now. I now get injections once a month that help imeadiately for 13 days and being refered to MAyo Rochester for a more definite diagnosis hopefully and better treatment.

Thank you everyone that has replied. Your comments have been useful. I’ve been scaring myself with an overdose of information. I’m scared. I haven’t shared the negative information with my fiancé, just the positive for now. I know I shouldn’t be going crazy with everything I’ve read, but as this is a new symptom I’m in the dark on what is to come with it.

Thank you, Stephen. It's confusing too! I make him a juice in the am. After reading up on ascites I was confused on whether or not to give him it. I'm to limit the liquids....? So I made a juice of apple, orange bell pepper, lemon and ginger (it was super spicy with the ginger!) Spicy to to be avoided they say. I didn't add cucumber as I normally do. Cucumber is good for washing away toxins but does in fact create a lot of juice. I make hibiscus flower tea (it has major power in hypertension and lowering blood pressure, Wiki it!) which makes him use the restroom, as it should. Now, am I not suppose to give it to him?? What is good for one symptom seems bad for the next - what am I suppose to do? I focus hard on diet so to say, 'leave it alone' is not an answer for me. I could go on and on rambling, this is what I do when I'm afraid or confused... Thanks for hearing. -G

Thank you, Detmsh. My fiance's spleen in rather large as well. His platelet count is low, but in the higher end of low. He hasn't been prescribed any medicine for the acsites. I believe he will say yes to it now though. Thank you again for your comment. It takes time out of your day to give me your words and I appreciate it - 180 view and less than 10 comments. To you that comment, thank you. To the viewers, come on... get in the conversation. ;) Happy St.Patty's day to you all.


I know this is an old conversation - but wondered if any of you found solutions to the belly bloating? Has anyone tried any of the doterra oils - in particular the Zendocrine - I’m wondering if it would make a difference? Any particular foods that make a difference - good or bad?