Does anyone have pretty severe ascites due to issues related to PSC? My husband's abdomen is so enlarged and it is very uncomfortable. Anytime we have emailed his Dr. about it, they just suggest diet change. But we have improved his diet and it continues to be an issue. Seems like there could be other ways to relieve this issue.

He also has a rash on his abdomen, towards his sides. Round spots. About 6 of them in all. They itch sometimes, but no pain. Sound familiar to anyone?? I haven't been able to find anything online that really resembled it much.

We have an appointment Thursday so I will definitely bring up both of those options! That kind of relief would be so wonderful for him right now, thank you so much for the information about your experience!

detmsh said:

Do they have him on diuretics now? If the diuretics aren't able to keep up, then there are other options. The simpliest being paracentesis. I've had this a few times and pulled out over 4 gallon, to great relief! Then some tweeks to the diuretic dosages helped maintain things better. I'll be heading in for another draining in the near future but it's really not bad at all.