Lots of pain

Hello everyone, I'm new to all this but was diognosed with PSC about 2 years ago. A year ago I was admitted to hospital with shortness of breath and chest pain. I developed severe pain in all my joints with no swelling or redness so they ruled out arthritis and didn't know what was wrong. I also had a lot of fluid on my lungs and was sent to a lung specialist and he didn't know what was wrong either. They put me on a short course of prednislone and that fixed the major pain in my joints and also helped my breathing. I decided to let my local Doctor take care of me and he put me on celapram to cope with the pain and I take one low dose tramadol a day. He has given me a reasonable quality of life this year as I can at least do some gardening and housework again. I still get very sore in the abdomen and it hurts when I breath in deeply but am coping now. My problem is that my Doctor has left our small mining town and it scares me to be left alone with this again. We havn't got a new Doctor yet but hope to get one but he won't know my case. My specialist is in Perth W.A which is 6 hours away and I don't get there very often. I have just come across the condition Ascites. My doctor had never heard of it. I have said from the beginning I've got fluid but the Doctors won't listen to me and it's very frustrating not to have anyone who understands or take notice. Has anybody else had similar problems with this pain and could I have ascites and if so what can be done ?

The antibiotic, vancomycin, has did wonders for my daughter who has UC and PSC.