Weakness with psc

Got of the hospital a few weeks ago. I had sepsis...a severe blood infection caused by my bile duct being clogged with stones. they removed the stones and I was on antibiotics for 10 days. Had an mdi. they scanned my liver and found I have PSC.

I am still very weak. just wondered if anybody is experiencing the same condition. Everybody have a good day.

Hi Stephen,

I am so sorry that I did not reply to your first post. I have been in and out of the hospital probably at least five times since my first sepsis attack which really was the worst. I have no advanced warning when I'm going to get an attack. Within minutes, my temperature shoots up (102-103), I start shaking like crazy, get very weak and have trouble breathing. I immediately eighter call 911 or my wife takes me to emergency room. Every time it is sepsis. They immediately put me on antibiotics, Tylenol to drop my temp. which I know is bad for my liver. My blood pressure usually drops very low. Approx 70 something over 30 something.

They still don't know whats causing the attacks. I have had many ERCP'S to put in and take out stents in my bile duct. I'm living under the daily pressure of, is today going to be the next one.

I appreciate you thinking of me. When I'm home I don't seem to feel like doing anything. Needless to say, I don't like being this way.

I hope you are well and will try and post more often.

It must be very stressful. I hope these attacks diminish and disappear, Grape. Sending positive thoughts your way!