NAFLD and fructose

Hi everyone.

A little over a year ago, before I was diagnosed we found out I had fatty liver and thought it might have been the cause of my elevated enzymes. I’ve been seeing my GI for about a decade and we never could figure out the cause, everyone assumed I was an alcoholic at first and no one believed me when I told them I don’t drink.

After numerous ultrasounds and a fibroscan it was determined I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. After doing some research I assumed my sugar intake might have been the cause. I’m fit, active and have low body fat but I had a high sugar diet.

I almost entirely cut out fructose, but don’t limit glucose. My counts dropped significantly (still 3-6x normal) from over 10x normal a year and a half ago, they spiked after taking cold medication. I shed some excess weight and my colitis symptoms all but vanished.

PSC diagnosis came later and symptoms have been slowly worsening but cutting out fructose at least helped.

Is anyone else on a no sugar diet or had similar success?

Hi Andy,
I had uc diagnosed in 2017 and Psc in 2019. I tried cutting out processed sugar and started feeling much better too. My uc sxs were better and Psc sxs also better. Unfortunately I was too late in making the change as I was found to have adenocarcinoma of the rectum and had to have colectomy and ileostomy. Despite this, I do feel better without sugar and my Psc/liver numbers are stable.

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