Psc, uc, and or fatty liver

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Food for thought… o pun intended. I was experiencing a lot of distention, generalized pain, headaches, sleep disruption, swelling, itching, fatigue, and nausea. Told last year, I have diffuse fatty liver, on MRCP, not mentioned in 7 years since PSC diagnosis with HX of UC I was offered a baseline fibroscan which showed high level. And, mild to moderate score but not cirrhosis yet. Fatty liver compromises liver circulation on top of having diffuse sclerosing. This alarmed me to lower carbs more and monitor carb intake and be more active. Carbs, stress, and too sedentary lifestyle all probably led to the fatty liver. Share this as for years I blamed PSC and UC for symptoms. Two days on careful nutrition which includes low carb, smaller portions and at least 12 hrs of rest from eating (no food or sugar or milk drinks after 8 or 9 pm. I feel much better and more energy. I’ll be following with a keto like program with doctor and nutritionist as Colectomy, UC, and PSC) makes nutrition a bit more challenging at times. Side note, my NP read no cirrhosis and didn’t mention the abnormal measures which put me far too close to moving in cirrhosis direction. I’d didn’t realize I had this situation until the fibroscan. I’m glad for the wake-up cal.
Perhaps you can relate to my story.

good post.

I think that fatty liver will be more common in the near future.
Unlike PSC, to a large degree it seems to be avoidable with improved diet…


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Thank you Jeff. It has been eye opening to me realizing symptoms I assumed to be UC or PSC for years, may be dietary caused fatty liver. My take alway is… my food choices could have contributed to all three conditions over time via inflammation. I definitely feel better off processed and higher carb diet. Also, at time of my PSC DX, I improved flare up after a few months with vegetarian cooked diet.
I’m wondering if PSC is related to nutrition and or stress related inflammation… if so, it could mean prevention, and partial recovery… I say partial since the scarring seems permanent.
My other observation, is that none of my physicians spoke of the fatty liver in terms of what it means to an already compromised liver. Logic tells me it should be monitored closely. The fibroscan seemed to be considered nice, but optional. My MRCP summary noted no change in diffuse PSC and vague mention of fatty liver. Fibroscan showed almost 3/4 liver effected. I’ve not had a followup discussion with the doctor and his NP yet. I felt alarmed, and immediately tightened up my carb limiting and added set 12-16 fasting that starts in evening through to at least mid morning. The liver rest feels good. No cravings, and better energy and relief of symptoms.
I will discuss with the doctor my desire to plan annual fibroscan.

Jeff…Do you know if there are any studies about relationship of fatty liver and or systemic inflammation with PSC? And, have you noticed if others are describing what I have?

I do not recall any specific member with similar symptoms, but I do not doubt they exist.
There are conflicting beliefs on the degree that diet affects PSC, but I would think that with fatty liver, it is a no brainer that nutrition plays a major, if not causative, role.

Try doing a search for fatty liver on this board, and see what conversations interest you.


Thank you Jeff