Milk related digestive upset?

Have you found milk to cause digestive problems? Is this yet another thing to give up?

Milk does not cause problems for me.

Yes I do feel milk upsets my system. Haven’t drank milk for 30 years ( am 38) always felt it was irritating my crohns ( am just newly diagnosed with PSC , However I think I may have had it a while tho) . Hope this helps? I do take calcium tablets

Milk does bother me and I gave up dairy completely. I feel good after this, shocker in the beginning but you adjust and get used to it. Lots of alternates out there.

Years ago I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, and it seems everyone has their own level of tolerance. I use Lactaid for my coffee and almond milk for cereal. Yogurt and frozen yogurt minimally affect me, but my husband has low tolerance, so you might try alternatives.