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I have late stage cirrhosis and severe splenomegaly from psc that was dx 2009. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with crohns. My crohns dr says it is in remission based on cal protectant test and colonoscopy. It sure doesn’t feel that way. I take 4.8g Mesavant daily for Crohns and 1000mg urosdiol for psc. Over the last year especially the bloating and fluid retention I get from both is getting worse and more constant. Diuretics help sometimes but I’m never sure if it’s fluid or bloating or both. It’s gotten so bad I have diastasis rectus (split my abdominal ligament) and an umbilical hernia now. I avoid dairy and limit gluten. Nothing I do seems to truly help. Looking for help from anyone experiencing symptoms from both psc and crohns. Please any suggestions or recommendations…?

Welcome back. I am sorry you are having these issues. I know there are members with both PSC and Chrons who can offer better advice on dealing with those than I can.

I hope they come up with some suggestions for you.


I have the same issue I have learn over the years to really watch what I eat no process foods limit my salt intake and no gluten nothing fried no more dairy it has help me with itchiness feeling so blondes all the time.