Have headaches constantly and feeling sick all the time?

Hi all!

I am a 34 year old woman. I got diagnosed with PSC about three years ago, along with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Collitis. I am on Ursofalk (Ursodiol) 4 capsules a day to slow progression and on Pentasa (x 4 per day to keep the bowel disease in check). My Crohn's went into remission about 6 months ago :D

I have ben getting migraines for about a year now (I have headaches most days, and a migraine several times a month). I feel nauseous all the time. This started about 6 months ago. My Hepatologist said he doesn't know what it is and that it isn't related to my PSC. My Gastroentologist gave me anti-nausea medication (Stemzine) but that doesn't really work. I have a general feeling of being unwell. I am also on a low dosage daily aspirin each day (for fertility issues).

Can anyone relate to this? Please share your experiences I would love to hear them.



I'd say those are fairly common PSC symptoms. I would have persistent nausea which made eating and keeping on weight tricky. I'd also get headaches frequently and they would often preclude a flare up of other symptoms. For me, eating a fatty diet seemed to exacerbate things (but note that eating low fat long term is pretty unhealthy in a number of ways). If imaging shows a dominant stricture, an ERCP to dilate or stent may also provide some relief from symptoms.

Thanks so much for the info jtb. It is really appreciated.