Light headed/Dizzy

Hi all :)

I got diagnosed with PSC about 18 months ago. I have had Crohn's disease for a bit over two years. I sometimes get dizzy/light headed. I first got dizzy/light headed (feeling like I am on a boat or something!!) about a year ago. It lasted for two weeks, my doctor said it must be a virus. Now I have it again. This may be totally unrelated to PSC but I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone else has had this symptom? My doctor told me I should probably go and get an MRI if the dizziness comes back (which it has :/) Any thoughts? I am on Ursofalk for PSC and Pentasa (Mesalazine) for the Crohn's.

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Hi Stephen!

Thankyou so much for replying to my message. It was so wonderful to see that I had a reply as it has been troubling me a little bit. I think I would say that it is dizziness. It is like a kind of spaced out feeling! I don't have any nausea. I don't consume alcohol due to the PSC. I am definitely going to go back to the doctor and get a referral for an MRI as like you say, it isn't harmful and it can rule any serious problems out. I have just started a very stressful new job so I think you may be right on the money there!

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Hi Ange

I have issues with dizziness and vertigo type symptoms. Please see my post entitled Galbladder Pain and Dizziness...posted in January.

I do not take mesalazine.

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I also experience these dizziness, spaced out feelings, accompanied by fatigue! Will be mentioning it to my doctor soon as well.

Any way to deal with it? Anything that helps?

Dont know how scientific this answer is but when I brought up those symptoms which were usually during a flare up or cholangitis attack, my doc said it was provably being caused by the toxins in my body not being processed through the liver. Maybe something to bring up?

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I would definitely talk with your doc about the dizziness and the spaced out feelings. Maybe ask for an ammonia test to check on HE?

With fatigue, I had to learn to pace myself. Even if it meant sleeping for an hour or two when I got home from work. There were many weekends where I had three naps both days.