Is dizziness a normal part of ps

my son will be feeling fine, then he’s extremely tired and dizziness. is this normal for psc

I’m always dizzy and with headaches. My dr believes this is due to me being anemic , which is a side effect from

Hi Michelle,

My husband is like that with the fatigue. He will be doing great then he will be so tired some days he can't hardly function. If it continues it might not be a bad idea to have some blood work done just to make sure he is haven't more issues. Can't comment on the dizziness, my husband has never had that.

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The only two times I was dizzy was more due to dehydration than anything else. Was not on medication either time.

Dear Michelle,

My daughter suffers from periods of fatigue. The doctors usually say it is due to the anaemia she experiences when she has an UC Flare. I had forgotten that her PSC could cause that too. Thank you Stephen for pointing that out.

I wish you the best.

PrincessD's Mum

Thank you Stephen. You are a wealth of knowledge!!!

PrincessD's Mum

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for asking, but I am fighting a horrendous migraine. Yes, the last thing I should be doing is writing on my laptop, but.......

Denisa is having a few challenges. She contracted the virus her first week of school, it took her almost two weeks to recover and then she got another strain that was going around. We have been trying to rebuild her system as a result. I am so annoyed as even the seizures that had disappeared have returned, but I know we can get her there again. It can just get so frustrating. I also have been guilty of not been as strict with her and after reading some posts on here I realise I need to return to the regimes once again.

I hope you are doing well as well. Lovely to hear from you as always.

Take care.

Mel x

Dear Stephen,

Thank you!!! You are so good for my morale. I try my best where she is concerned. It is not always an easy road and sometimes I must come over as an OGRE, but I have no choice. :)

Take care for now.

Mel x