Dairy products

my son loves to drink milk, but everything I’ve read says you shouldn’t. Does anyone know if soy or almond milk are ok?

My GI suggested no soy milk, since soy is a bean and it makes my daughter bloated and gassy like other beans. She drinks Rice milk and Almond milk…has no issues with either of them.

thank you saundi. I will have him try those.

Good luck! Also try the yogurts too!

My son has gone to Almond Milk and is having great results. But, read labels…Blue Diamond brand has an ingrediant called carrageaanen. It causes stomach pain and colon cancer. We use “Silk” brand sweetened vanilla.

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Coconut milk has a good oil and it tastes very good!


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what kind of yogurts?

I have PSC and I drink almond milk with no problems!!!!

Hi Michelle!

My daughter drinks Almond Fresh: Vanilla and chocolate and coconut and Silk: Dark Chocolate and Vanilla. I have been known to steal her chocolate almond milk from time to time (as I no longer have dairy or gluten in my home). She absolutely loves it.

Take care.

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