Medic Alert Necklace/Bracelet After Transplant

Dear Group. I wanted to show you a photo of a medical alert necklace I ordered for myself. The transplant book and other things I have read online really stressed the need of one of these for those who had had transplant surgery. This one I purchased was from a non-profit group called MedicAlert Foundation. Their web site is Once you sign up you can upload all kinds of records and vital information about yourself so that if something happens the EMS people or hospital that you might be taken to would be able to access all that information. I have attached a photo of mine redacting a portion of some personal information. The ICE number is "In Case of Emergency" which I had put my wife's cell down. I go in from time to time to their site and update my medications and lab results as well. They have a variety of necklace dog tag types as well as bracelets. There are many different vendors for these type alert devices, I am showing this one since this is a non-profit group. I am not endorsing or trying to sell these for anyone, just sharing with the group to hopefully be of help to others. It's so important in the event of an emergency that EMS and others have the ability to access all your medications, etc. if you are unable to speak for yourself. Without our proper medications our new livers would go into rejection.

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Smart thinking.

Nice idea. Will get one also.