Low hemocrit and hemoglobin

Has anyone had really low levels of hemocrit and hemoglobin?
If so, what was the cause/outcome?

With blood work done for a 7 year checkup and by my GI a week later, my levels both time were:

Hemocrit: 24.4 and 23.1. Normal range is 38-49
Hemoglobin: 8.5 and 7.7. Normal range is 14 to 18

So I am being referred to a doctor to have an iron infusion. Ok, fine, no worries there.
What shocked the $^&#$^#$ out of me is that the doctor works at Piedmont Cancer Institute.

So now I am worried and looking for success stories.


It’s not unusual here in NC for iron infusions to be given in a cancer center. My wife has had many over the years. Her doctor is a hematologist and oncologist. Basically an infusion center for many needs. Don’t be too worried.


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I was diagnosed with PSC 35 years ago. No transplant and doing fine. I did have a bonescan done recently in the mammography department . Felt weird being with all those women but don’t worry, I was not there to check my breasts. :wink:

Welcome back, Lance. I am sure you did not mind being around those ladies.
35 years with PSC and doing fine? So glad to hear that. Keep it up.


Thanks for the encouragement, Mark.

Hi! I’ve always had periods of low hemoglobin for over 20 years. Its always been put down to having a j pouch and the psc! Lots of tests over the years but no problems detected otherwise. I used to have iron infusions monthly for about 3 years prior to my first tx in 2006 but now i have them every 6 months since my second tx in 2019. In between transplants i didn’t have many, it seemed to be ok. They are given in the department where many do have chemo and other infusions so i understand where you’re coming from but this seems to be where infusions take place… hope you feel better post treatment…

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Thanks, Norman.
Feeling less panicky now.