anyone have problems

Anyone have problems with their blood pressure dropping? Does this indicate anything I should be concerned about? PRESSURE was 93/56 today. This has been happening lately. I even dropped to a lower dose of my blood pressure medicine a few weeks ago. And now. It is dropping again. Thanks.

I just feel more tired if that's possible. I don't have a Cardiologist and my primary doctor canceled my appointment for today so I can't see her until Monday. If it stays low I will call clinic for walk in appointment tomorrow. I just hate seeing a doctor who doesn't know me.

An internal bleed can also reduce blood pressure. what color are your fingernails? should be pink, not white. is your red blood cell count low? platelet count low? do you need to take iron pills? are you eating?

I will be going for I.V. iron infusions in a week or so. I didn't know that low iron could also cause blood pressure to drop. That would make sense given my iron count is low.

Thank you everyone!!! Also, how do they know if there is portal hypertension happening? I already have kidney disease and GFR is in low forties so hopefully I don't have to be more concerned about my kidneys. I am pretty careful about hydration and making sure I eat.....although I seem to have recently lost my appetite. Hopefully it comes back.

Thanks again everyone!!

My blood pressure was very low while I had PSC. THe hepatologist put me on iron pills. They even gave me a couple red blood cell transfusions. My blood pressure returned to normal after my transplant.

I did not know that psc affected blood pressure. Another thing to worry about!

My blood pressure has always been on the low side. The first number is usually around 110 and I can never remember the second. Twice while in the hospital, my bp hit 90 while sleeping (to the extent that is possible in a hospital).

We have a blood pressure monitor at the house, so it might be a good idea for me to start tracking it to get a daily record over time.