Anyone Have Two Transplants?

Got first transplant in 2017 and testing a year ago PSC has recurred and got put on cadaver list today. Anyone else have two transplants? How it went? Etc? Prayers much appreciated.


Sorry your psc recurred. Glad you got on the transplant list today.
I’m on my first ( and hopefully last) transplant.

I’m sure there are some recipients of multiple transplants on this forum, and I hope you hear from some of them soon.

Hi Freddy- I’m really sorry you’re having to think about a second. I saw your prior posts about being on vanco and normalizing liver numbers- what happened, did it stop working for you? I fear this happening for myself too.
I haven’t personally had 2 transplants but a friend of mine on one of the Facebook support groups has had 2 and says her second was much easier and she feels much better than she did after 1st. She is thriving and has a very impressive life now.

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Yikes I am sorry. Have you considered oral vancomycin. There are a number of published papers on its effectiveness for rPSC.

I have I’ve been on vancomycin since transplant for cdiff for years as well as the last year I’ve been on 125 mg twice a day to 4 times a day because it had been helping my numbers. No longer helping I guess.