Life Insurance

Has anyone else been denied life insurance because of UC/PSC? I am trying to find a company who will give me a policy.

I looked into this when I was diagnosed. I talked to an agent at Zander insurance who said they could write me a policy one year after diagnosis provided my condition was stable. I've not yet priced that as I don't have any dependants at the moment and my job situation is a little up in the air. Once that stabilizes I plan on researching that some.

We tried to get life ins for our 16 year old son and we were turned down.

I was denied short-term disability insurance because of my PSC--though I didn't know I had PSC at the time. I had to take blood tests for the insurance, but the labs said that my liver levels were like that of an alcoholic. That's what started me down the road to my PSC diagnosis.

We were also denied life insurance because of US/PSC. My fiance's father picked up a policy for him when he was a child (he has the conditions, diagnosed as a teen). It cannot be taken away because of the conditions. Simply putting that out there for anyone with children. It's never a bad idea to start early with financial protection. Remember, UC and PSC can be hereditary. There was another post about this topic some time ago. A lot of people had commented on it, if memory serves me right. Perhaps someone knows the link...?

Should you find a loop hole out there in the insurance world, please do share.

Regards. -A