Life insurance: navigating the issues

Hello all! Does anyone have recommendations or advice for life insurance complications post-PSC diagnosis? If the patient already has life insurance, how does that typically affect coverage/premiums? If that life insurance is provided through an employer, does the insurance company reveal the diagnosis to the employer, or is that protected through HIPPA/or some similar restriction? In the same vein, what about applying for new employment? What's been anyone's experiences with disclosure, or non-disclosure?

Employment based insurance continues as is (as will any insurance).

Traditional life insurance is impossible so employment based insurance is only option. At least my employment based insurance is open and does not ask disclosures unless you want to increase it a lot. Now benefits increase automatically annually by certain amount. After few years it is reasonably high.

New job may or may not have that good insurance benefit.

Thank you! I appreciate the info. Devil in the details as they say!