Is there a remedy for "tin can" mouth taste?

Hey there,

Anyone care to share a remedy to reduce or eliminate the metallic taste some or most psc’rs experience? A good duct cleaning would be nice, but that’s not happening anytime soon :slight_smile: fortunately I can still taste the food I eat, but it would be nice to not have the metal taste linger around on top of everything else :slight_smile:

Steelhead seeker

I've been having metallic mouth (like sucking on an anvil all day..) for a few mths mainly due to a long-term antibiotic for another issue. Some relief from chewing gum or sucking on hard candies (translucent smooth ones, not strong white mints). Lemon drops are supposed to be good as they stimulate salivation - dry mouth (very bad for teeth/gums!) often goes along with metallic taste. Ice cream, sorbet or smoothies (a couple mouthfuls as needed) also helpful - but it's all short-term relief unfortunately. Also rinsing mouth with water often.

Thanks for the feedback Alix.