Metallic taste?

I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a persistent metallic taste in their mouth? I have been dealing with this issue for a little over a month, it started out just being every once in a while, but has now become every day. My mouth just feels yucky, my tongue feels like it’s coated, I’m constantly rinsing my mouth but I can’t get rid if it. I have been having issues with nausea over the past few weeks but that’s not necessarily uncommon for me (I also have Chron’s). I’ve never had this issue however and I know it can be a side effect to medications but I haven’t start anything new recently. I did find out recently that my PSC has progressed and I’m pretty blocked off, my doctor believes we need to do. ERCP to “clean me out”. So I’m wondering if this is related to that or something else entirely?

I hope everyone is doing well on this Friday!

Good Morning!!! I just saw your post. Yes I do get a metallic taste in my mouth from time to time and was wondering about that as well. Hmmmmm I do not see my Liver specialist till April though, I am still at an early stage with PSC. But def there is a metal taste in my mouth.

Keep us posted and I will too!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Are you taking flagyl? This is a common side effect to this medication.

Hello WyldFlower,

I know that quite well. For me it's a sure indicator for a new liver attack. Some time ago I wrote:

"My personal indicators are as follows (please don't laugh): if fresh meet does not smell well - first warning; if good meat in the pan smells that I could almost vomit - more severe warning; if good meat has the taste of a tin can - highest time to see the doctor again!"

so, yes, it*s time to see your doctor, most supposedly he will find significantly elevated liver values. Sorry!

PSC is not fun, but I do wish you all the best and as many good days throughout Xmas and beyond as you can stand!


Thanks for the feedback. I am going to have some bloodwork done tomorrow and I will be having a MRCP done. I figured it was most likely from the PSC,so I guess I'll have some answers soon.

oh and no,Im not taking flagyl


Hello Wyldflower,

I'm sorry I am just getting a chance to respond. My mom had this complaint a while back and we just found out she has bile duct cancer. I am wondering if it has something to do with the bile ducts being plugged. I know you have had your bloodwork done by this time and hope you got some answers. Just wanted to share my recent experience with that.


Hello, simply checking in… did you see your doctor since posting? God bless.

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in giving an update. My liver enzymes where elevated, my doc feels strongly that there is a blockage. I just went for a MRCP on Saturday so she can confirm and have images for a ERCP which she is referring me to a hepatologist at a university hospital. She thinks I need a “cleaning out” of my ducts. As far as how I’m feeling, things have gradually gotten worst. I have been having a LOT of nausea, still have the metallic taste the itching is insane and overall I feel drained, I just feel sluggish. I’m hoping we can get the ERCP done ASAP, I will keep you guys posted!

Thanks for the feedback and checking up on me! It really is nice to talk to others who KNOW what I’m going through!