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Good evening friends,

i am new to the group, but already have received a warm welcome. I have a question regarding home remedies and was seeing what others with psc - colitis due in times of trouble. just over a week ago i came down with a common cold virus. After a week of doing my best to over come the virus, it developed into a sinus infection. its been 4 days now with the sinus infection, and its not pleasant one bit. severe migraines, throbbing skull, accompanied with numbing teeth. My family GP prescribed me to take SDZ - AZITHROMYCIN for 5 days and that should clear up the inflammation in my sinus. since Ive been diagnosed over 10 years ago, i havent taken a tylenol at best for anything. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to cave and take the drugs...any ideas with home remedies to help with the migraine and numbing of the teeth as a alternative to taking the drugs?

At some point, a person has to make the decision to take what the doc prescribes. I understand the reluctance-used to work at a chiropractic college.

But sometimes, a home remedy is incomplete or does not do the job.

If anyone has some suggestions, even homeopathy or naturopathy, I hope they can help.


Hi Triple R, what I have been taking for a while now, no colds in over 2 years, and have taken it when I feel something is wrong, is vitamin c granules, has to be granules, I tablespoon ever hour for 4 hours mixed in 8 ounces of orange juice, if you start to get the runs, cut back a little, I know it’s like closing the gate after the horse has left, but it’s worth trying. I bought it on amazon, NOW is the brand name. Hope it helps

My husband has PSC also. He just got over a bad cold. I gave him a cup of hot water with 1 tablespoon of honey & 1 teaspoon of lemon juice a few times a day. He also took over the counter cold medicine which the liver dr said was ok. Good luck. Hope you feel better

If it was me and it had gone on that long, I would bite the bullet and take the prescription. Home remedies are all well and good, but sometimes our bodies just need the extra help. I hope you feel better soon! Sinus infections are horrible.

Thank you for your feedback on this topic. Lots of interesting ideas and personal references that I’ll take into consideration. I did cave and took the antibiotic…it quickly took action late last night and gave me the sound rest I was looking for. I feel a tad better today, but most importantly, 90% of my migraine has gone away. So far, no visual side effects that I can see. Thank you once again.

Hi Triple R
I hope you do not feel bad taking the antibiotic. They do have a purpose in that so many people died of simple infections before their discovery. I do think they are over-prescribed, but with PSC, you don’t want an infection lingering for long. It is important to take the whole prescription after you start them as if it comes back, they will prescribe an even stronger one.

When on antibiotics, I take kifer and live probiotic yogurt so that the gut bacteria stays balanced. I really double up on these kind of probiotics after stopping the antibiotic.

As for home remedies, it is fairly individual as to what works. We all probably have routines to prevent viruses and infections. Lots of great suggestions here!

Dear Triple R,

I have taken the "Z Pak" you are describing many times for a sinus infection. Have a history of them myself. Normally that will knock it out pretty well. I have had occassion when the sinus infection would not respond and the doc prescribed 500 MG of Amoxicillin 3 times I day I believe it was or 2 times a day.

I've really been hesitant to take home remedies since being diagnosed. One thing that may help some in relieving the symptoms is to buy you one of those "sinus rinse" kits. It's basically a large plastic bottle with a hole in the top that you fill with warm water and pour in a packet of salt mixture. Sounds gross but it does clean those nasal passages out. When in doubt call your hepatologist for his/her opinion. Hope you are feeling better soon.