Information on live liver donors and details we need to know and perhaps things we would prefer not to know

Hello everyone,

The other day I shared a true story about a young woman who donated a portion of her liver to her neighbour. When I first saw this story I already knew about live donors and felt when it was my turn, I hope someone will help me.

Perhaps some of you don’t know a lot about this procedure, so here is a website that you can check out and get the unpolished facts. This site does not sugarcoat live liver donations. It’s sobering to read about this but it’s best to have the facts before you face such a situation.

This site discusses kidneys and livers. Follow the tabs at the top of the page.

Feedback, comments, questions are encouraged and welcome.

Remember, we are in this fight together.


Dear Stephen,

Thank you for this information. I haven't read it as yet, but it will arm me with the knowledge that I need.

PrincessD's Mum

Hi Stephen

My son was the donor for my liver transplant. The transplant was in Vancouver. I can fill in details if someone has questions about this procedure.

Almost forgot to mention. If you have a live donor, the surgery moves up. There is no point to waiting until you are at the top of the very sick list. Another consideration is that the surgery is planned and scheduled. So no phone calls in the night.
The stress of having a family member coming forward was intense, and I had very mixed feelings and almost said no, but how do you turn them down? He would have needed years of therapy if I did not live!
Also it is a few months for all the tests and assessments for both donor and recipient, so best not to wait to get this option on the table.

My son is fine! Yay! His liver grew back in about 12 weeks!