Live Donor Transplant Stories - Videos

In doing some research in recent days I came across a few stories of folks that have received living donor transplants. For those of you still waiting for your donor may this bring some hope and encouragement to you during these days. I hope they are as much a blessing to you as they were to me.

PSC patient receives the gift of life -

Baby girl receives a live donor transplant -

Father & Son Live donor transplant -

Transplant patient becomes a doctor in pediatric transplant -


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These are great Mark. Thanks.


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I was blessed to have my brother step up and be qualified as my donor after he lost 65lbs and his liver fat went from 17% to 0% in 6 months. Unfortunately after living with PSC for probably 40 years, the supporting veins to my liver are occluded to the point that they are not able to save them so I have been told I will no longer be a live liver recipient candidate. I look at this as a positive for my brother, his wife and one of my best friends who all changed their lifestyle to help me because they are now committed to living a much healthier life. I am so blessed to have 2 loved ones step up to be living donors. I still have the hope of having a liver donor available when mine eventually gives up. Blessing come in many forms!

Thanks Scottie for your post. I wish you the very best and when the time comes I hope the perfect match will be there for you to get your transplant.