Gastroenterologist or specialist physician - hepatologist?

Μy mother visites the gastroenterologist who is in the hospital who has her medical history. He is the director of deparment and good enough as the rest personnel says. But my advice is to go to a special hepatologist. The next check up is in three months, until then I will convince her. whats your opinion?

Hi there! I have a personal question because you had the same surgery with my mother! How do you control the level of blood sugar? Allows your doctor to get diabetic pill or injectable insulin only?

Good morning, Costas. My fiance saw a Gastro doctor for several years, from adolescents to adulthood. When I came into the picture I tried to have him see a Hepa doctor. As he put it, the Gastro doctor had been with him longer than I had so HE wasn't going anywhere. Comical - I had to respect that though. When his condition began to progress about 2 years ago, his Gastro doctor told him it was time to move on seeing a Hepa doctor. We continue to see the Gastro doctor for small issues here and there. There is a relationship we don't want to lose with the Gastro doctor. You can have your mother see both. We started with a Hepa check up every 6 months to wing ourselves off the Gastro doctor. It's hard to leave a doctor that knows you, I get it. Gradual change may be easier for her. Do stay on top of the communication between the doctors though. Take care. God bless.


Ηi everyone!!!

Thanks for your advice Gloria! She is quite well Stephen! Continues with URSO (3Χ1), corticosteroids (low dose only in the morning) and vitamins...gained some weight after her last problem with her ​​health last summer...returned to work despite my objections...but I know that is active woman and that financial obligations don't Thursday she has meeting with her surgeon to arrange the beginning of the April she will make some blood tests and then she will meet the gastroenterologist and rheumatologist...I'm trying to concentrate on my veterinary studies at university...these are my news for know!!! I wish you great health and happiness! GOD BLESS!!!

Glad to hear your mother is doing better, Costas. It may be good for her, mentally, to be at work. I know for my loved one he does better when he isn't thinking of the issue.

My step-daughter wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. Best of luck in your studies. I attached a photo of her working on the dog. :)


What a cute photo Gloria...she is already colleague!!! :))) My pleasure to examine your dog Stephen!!!! :)))

Keep yourself healthy!!!!

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for your interest! My mother is well, last week we did the blood tests and abdominal MRI scan! There is a further improvement in liver enzymes (except alkaline phosphatase) and MRI scan is stagnant...the important thing is that she started immunosuppressive drug, for which there is a 10% chance to affect the liver ... so we must have blood tests every month ...!