Is this right doctor?

I haven’t posted anything for awhile but I was hoping to get some feedback about choosing the right PSC doctor. I have been a patient at Brigham and Womens for UC for 16yrs. I really like my GI doctor. However, she referred me to a doctor in the same office. The problem is that I’m not entirely sure she knows enough, cares enough, or is specialized enough in PSC. Her bio states that she is, but when I meet with her, I’m not convinced for some reason. She was on top of things when I got my original high liver tests back and scheduled an MRI and liver biopsy. I have since had another MRI and 6 month scheduled visits mostly for review of symptom and/or lab work. I have the option through my insurance to go to Mass General no strings or referrals attached but I’d like to stay at the Brigham if possible for ease of communication between my doctors. On a side note, I also had my subtotal protococolectomy there so my surgeon is there as well. How does anyone make a decision about this when it is potentially putting your life in someone’s hands? That’s the bottom line question that I have.

Thank you for the feedback. These are good suggestions. I am always hesitant to discuss these things with the doctor for fear of them taking offense; however, being comfortable with my treatment and my doctor is far more important. It was a good reminder.

That is a great question, yesterday got back from my GI that I do have a tough time talking with. Curious because his comment was "with PSC patients it doesn't really matter what the blood work states, we judge more on your symptoms" is that correct with the rest of you with PSC? I thought the LFT's would be the biggest indicator.

Hello, Matt. I am a huge supporter of "interviewing" doctors for one of the most important positions in your life. You are hiring them, they work for you. I changed my husbands doctor because of a bad vibe. Yes, he was a respected doctor and had cared for my husband for 5+ years however he didn't make me feel supported. In the long run, for reasons I will not get into, changing his GI doc was the best decision we made!! Good luck in your search. The right doctor is out there for you! God bless, take care.