Colon hydrotherapy

Strange question…but has anyone tried colon hydrotherapy. I was reading up on how beneficial it is in cleaning out your system and in turn giving your liver less “work”…I’m going to my first appt today. I figure it definitely can’t hurt and I’ve suffered with constipation all of my life.

Jeanette, please let your doctor know about the hydrotherapy and ask for his or her opinion. This article indicates that caution should be used with hydrotherapy:

Thank you for the info

I have done it and believe it to be nonsense. I had to eat some sort of clay and then take four treatments, one daily, to clear it out. Of course I felt great when it was over, but that's because I had passed the clay. I would recommend saving the money; it CAN hurt-- your pocket book, that is. Colon hydrotherapists speak of people having blockages that need clearing; if you had a blockage, you would be in agony and on your way to the hospital as two of my family members have experienced. Also, even if it did help, you'd start getting your constipation back within days. You simply couldn't afford this method of elimination. I paid about $255 for the series of treatments. I recommend plain All Bran Cereal with milk as a healthy alternative, or stewed prunes, or things like psyllium, plus lots of exercise and laughter.

I went ahead and did it that day but without any supplements. I feel great–I have no pain or soreness in my RUQ and I’ve had that pain for months!! Years on and off

Definitely feel there’s danger in supplements and those of us with fluid shift change problems–concern of fluid overload and such…and no doubt of it being costly but anything that’s going to allow me to live a better quality of life and not harm me is great in my book. I’m getting labs repeated today. I’ll let you all know if anythings changed :0)